“A magnificent example of what off-off Broadway can do”
–New York Times
“intense and frightening”
–The New Yorker
“A dangerously intoxicating adventure, full of wit and heart”
–New York Theatre Review
“uncommonly spectacular”
“An engrossing and very fine piece of theatre.”
–Stage Buddy
“Treadway masterfully holds us for over 90 minutes of an endurance event of a performance.”
“…a masterpiece of science fiction. This is a work of compassion, humor, and keen insight.”
— Aaron Grunfeld, NY Science Fiction Review
“…Embodying this gallant heroine is Erin Treadway, in a performance of extraordinary range and depth and mettle: this is one of the most astonishingly controlled and nuanced pieces of action I have seen in a very long time.”
Martin Denton,

Ms. Julie, Asian Equities

“in Leegrid Stevens’s thrilling update of Strindberg’s Miss Julie…the intimacy and outstanding performances from the three-person cast made it an unforgettable new experience.”
–Broadway World


SPACEMAN (2019) 

Nominated for two DRAMA DESK AWARDS
Outstanding Solo Performance (Erin Treadway)
Outstanding Lighting Design of a Play (Simon Cleveland)

The Dudleys! 

Nominated for a New York Innovative Theatre Award
*Outstanding Innovative Design

The Twelfth Labor

Nominated for four New York Innovative Theatre Awards
Outstanding Premier Production
Outstanding Lighting Design (Simon Cleveland)
Outstanding Direction (Matt Torney)
*Outstanding Set Design (Carolyn Mraz)

The Twelfth Labor

“[Erin Treadway’s] Cleo is Leegrid Steven’s greatest and most complex invention.”
–Talkin Broadway
“Hits us right in the gut and heart! Stevens’ prowess as a playwright shines through.”
–Theatre That Matters
“Nothing short of spectacular.”
–Stage Buddy Review
“Enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.”
–New York Theatre Review

The Dudleys! A Family Game

“something truly innovative…with stunning visual effects”
“an impressive visual look and innovative score”
–Huffington Post
“all the actors have fun with their roles…visually, the production offers plenty of diversion”
–Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
“Both as an innovative work of multimedia/multi-disciplinary theatre and an incisive and introspective exploration of the frail human condition, The Dudleys! has much to offer audience. It’s one of the most exciting theatre experiences I’ve had this year. And it portends astonishing new directions for Stevens and his collaborators.”
Martin Denton,


Nominated for four New York Innovative Theatre Awards
Outstanding Premier Production
Outstanding Full Length Script (Leegrid Stevens)
*Outstanding Sound Design (Steven Gridley)
*Outstanding Solo Performance (Erin Treadway)

Ms. Julie, Asian Equities

Named as one of’s Top 11 Theater Happenings of 2015