Pay no attention to the other Hercules show!

  Guys, don’t get distracted by the fire and big puffy muscles. The Twelfth Labor has muscles too! But ours are wiry and cranky and stubborn as muscles were supposed to be! We’re working on adding fire to the show but NYC is so lame about “fire safety”. I know. If Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson […]

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We were a bit nervous about working with a child actor– especially one that hadn’t really done much acting before. This is a serious play, with complex emotional characters. And for the most part, they ain’t happy. You can’t exactly talk to a child actor as you would an adult — making suggestions, planting seeds, […]

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Gave blood for 12th Labor promo video

Filming shots of an old barn in the country for the promo video. Was primarily worried about snakes in the tall grass — completely forgot about bugs. Between the navel and the upper thigh I counted 58 bites. Yum. But it was worth it!

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