Loading Dock Theatre is proud to present Forklift, our reading and developmental program presenting works in progress by exciting writers and directors, in our space in Brooklyn.

Curated by Artistic Associate Charles Quittner, previous Forklifts have included the talents of Daaimah Mubashshir, Troy Deutsch, Asia Gagnon, Sam Schanwald, Ryan Szelong, Thicket and Thistle, Noah Mease, Scott Reynolds, Charlie O’Leary and our very own Leegrid Stephens!

Find our more about past Seasons of Forklift here.

Forklift presentations are $10 suggested donation at the door. All performances take place at:
170 Tillary Street #105, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Sunday May 5, 7pm
Lolly, Lolly, Lolly

By Zoë Geltman
Lolly, Lolly, Lolly is a play about a woman who is trying to discover her own secret, that hidden country within her that begs for nature to wrap itself around it like a hand. Does it lie amidst the work-a-day routine of a witchy cooking start-up? A hipster remote viewing party? Will she find it with a dude she meets on Tinder who claims he’s dated two witches and both of them put spells on him? Is the search even worth it? Maybe she should just pull off some penises dramatically and run away and go make a bed in the forest out of mushrooms and twigs and strange, misshapen vegetables.

Sunday June 9, 4pm

A Dead Black Man
By Tanya Everett
A Dead Black Man is about the living and the dead. About the degradation of the black body–how he is studied, vilified, defiled, and so often dehumanized. If we treat our dead this way, how are we to consider the treatment of the living?  As we begin to unravel these aspects of cruelty, we attempt to envision a world that uplifts and promises a secure passage for our dead. A world in which our black men are full of light, joy, and peace.

Sunday September 8, 7pm
what you are now
By Sam Chanse
Directed by Charles Quittner
Driven to free her mother, a survivor of genocide, from her fear memories, Pia is haunted, and propelled, by unresolved fear memories of her own. What You Are Now is a play exploring how our past is ruthlessly and relentlessly engaged in our present – how do our histories shape and define us, and how can we, in this moment, shape and define our histories?

Sunday September 22, 7pm

The Pleasure of your Company
by Brittain Ashford
The Pleasure of Your Company, a new immersive musical created by Brittain Ashford with Matt Bauer, joins a Brooklyn couple and a handful of their friends for their penultimate New Year’s Eve party in their long-time home. Normally a big bash, the couple finds themselves a little conflicted as they prepare to be kicked out of their building. The show invites the audience to be a passive part of the party, with live music, beverages, and snacks while exploring what it means to be an artist living in New York, finding happiness, and navigating grief.

Sunday October 6, 7pm

Hippolytus 04
By Sofya Levitsky-Weitz
Directed by Jake Beckhard
It is 2004. We are in the suburbs, and Phaedra is in love. Hippolytus, her fifteen-year-old stepson, lives on a DSL modem, in a trippy iTunes visualization, in the sounds between the sounds of AOL Instant Messenger. Phaedra finds him there. What happens next has happened many times before.

Hippolytus 04 is a new-media piece of ancient Greek theatre that marries the aggressive materiality of full-scale Greek verse with disorienting digital art. The result is an escalating dissociation which corrupts Phaedra like a scratched CD-ROM — but lifts her veil to reveal a new pandemocratic mode of being, which threatens to swell and surge through everything she’s always known.

Sunday October 20, 7pm

Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Dispossessed”
Adapted by The Syndicate of Initiative
The Dispossessed: an Operatic Work in Progress is an experimental adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin’s science fiction novel of the same name, rooted in improvised music and movement. It is a story of two planetary societies at ideological odds and an anarchist emissary seeking to end his people’s self-imposed exile. This work is the inaugural project of the Syndicate of Initiative, a collective ensemble of musicians, dancers, actors, poets, and theatre artists predicated on deep collaboration across disciplines and non-hierarchical content development.

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