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SEASON 1, 2017

Forklift 2

American Moose (Full Length)
By Noah Mease
Directed by Charles Quittner
In a time when uninformed hearsay is confused with scientific fact (the 18th century), Thomas Jefferson and his BFF James Madison seek to prove the grandeur of American wildlife to an unimpressed Europe.

The Fire This Time

by Scott Reynolds
Directed by Callie Jane Farnsworth
Featuring: Clare McNulty, Jack Fellows, Cleo Gray, & John Andrew Morrison
Stage Directions read by Kat Lee
November 8th, 2016: Cam Anton is to kill herself dependent on the results of the presidential election. But as her friend intervenes and the sky is falling down, that might not be so easy.  A comic slice of horror that is less horrifying than life, The Fire This Time explores who the hell we are in this very turbulent age.

Thicket & Thistle’s New Untitled Murder Mystery Musical
Created by Thicket & Thistle
Music & Lyrics by Kyle Acheson & Sam De Røest, additional lyrics by Jonathan Eric Foster; Musical direction by Kyle Acheson
Featuring: Kyle Acheson, Dominque Brillon, Sam De Røest, Jonathan Eric Foster, Sarah George, Joshua Stenseth & Rebecca Teran.
A cast of actors performing a murder mystery on a cruise-ship fall victim to a serial killer in this lighthearted folk musical romp.

The Exposed Bone Workshop Collective Ensemble Studio “Not Just Your Average Theatre Company” Theatre Company Presents: “When Pigs Fly!” A Reading Series of Hot & Spicy New American Plays Written by the Artistic Director
by Charlie O’Leary
Co-directed by Kate Moore Heaney and Ivey Lowe
Featuring: Artem Kreimer, Sydney Blaxill, Connor Johnston, Alli Trussell, and Erica Hernandez
A new play in development is like a seed planted in the heart of a tiny child…

Bithyr (Part One)
by Leegrid Stevens
Directed by Jacob Titus
Featuring: Shawn Davis, Erin Treadway, Leegrid Stevens
Part One of the myth of Bithyr, who forgot she was a God, and lived for a while as a human.


SEASON 2, 2018

The Weekend on Flaming Road
By Daaimah Mubashshir
In The Weekend on Flaming Road, we are taken down an “Afro-New Wave, existential rabbit-hole exploring the absurdity of living in black skin. Six extracts will be read created from Daaimah’s Everyday Afroplay –  a daily theatrical writing meditation on blackness or the black body, in its’ ever mutating and varied forms, aiming to create a cauldron of text that exists outside industry constraints. Directed by Callie Jane Farnsworth.

Twin Size Beds
By Sam Schanwald
During the annual neighborhood-wide game of hide-and-seek, twelve-year-old Sam gets stuck in an abandoned tree house when the ladder falls down. The hiding place has a shag carpet full of bugs and some invisible friends. From its window, we can see the twin boys who live next door undressing and dressing themselves for soccer practice. Have a juice box and some fruit snacks, but save some for the others. We’re stuck in here forever. Twin Size Beds is a new play-concert with original music by Avery Leigh Draut, Zack Milster, and Sam Schanwald.

Feminist in the Woods
By Asia Gagnon and Thomas Constantine Moore
An exploration of human intimacy and vulnerability through a series of true stories, wildly untrue stories, and sex-positive fairy tales. Through comedy and confession, an animal called “feminist” attempts to blur the lines of gender that are typically attributed to specific experiences and emotions. Can this creature be trusted? Some men will tell you.

A Video World
By Troy Deutsch
Miles wants to move to Hollywood and be famous more than anything. When a man returns to their small Midwestern town and offers an opportunity to audition for Kevin Costner’s new movie, Miles realizes this might be the one chance he’s been dreaming about. A Video World shows us a world of shadows, lit only by the stars in a young boy’s eyes. Directed by Charles Quittner.

By Ry Szelong
Last year, a “lecturer” at the Japan Society tried to compare 1600s kabuki theatre to Alexis Michelle on season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Today, I am writing a family diary play that is perpetually in-progress, maybe because of the 河童 at the bottom of the swimming pool. Interabang is a fragmented portrait of shame, queerness, and half-East-Asian-American identity in one family, and of the half-true ancestral curse that lurks under their kitchen sink. #lmfao #fml #dying #dead #risen #cursed