A Peregrine Falls

By Leegrid Stevens

Charlie is happily surprised when his long absent daughter unexpectedly visits with joyful news of her pregnancy. However, as cracks begin to appear in her story and she is involuntarily committed to a mental institution, Charlie is forced to confront a truth that, until now, he has refused to see. A Peregrine Falls is a play about a family on the brink of collapse and the stories they tell each other to stay together.

Development History:

WORKSHOP THEATER | 3-day reading

May 2018

Program sponsored by Workshop Theater in which Promising new plays are rehearsed, refined and presented in a concert reading before an audience.

THE ACTORS STUDIO | Playwright/Directors Unit (PDU) reading

May 2018

Presented and read as part of a weekly program through the Actors Studio.


January 2018 & December 2018

A weekly reading series sponsored by Workshop Theater in which audiences join the process by sharing their observations and opinions with the playwright in a moderated talk-back following a free reading of a new or revisited play.