Indie-go-go, Baby!

So we’ve launched our Indie-go-go campaign to raise $1million for world peace!

Not really. Just trying to raise $3thousand for our production.

Right Here

This show is a biggie and it’s very, very special. For those willing to go on the journey, the play takes you to unexpected places. It’s just a family drama, happening on a single day. But by the end you feel you have really been somewhere — from uncovering secrets in Act I to the swirling language of Cleo’s memory in Act II, the Wizard of Oz movie -dream in Act III, and then back to reality in Act IV. We are hoping to take the audience on an epic journey.

But it takes a special team of artists to rise to the challenge. And we have these artists! Designers and actors and producing team to die for — I still can’t believe how incredible  the artists working on this play are. It’s a dream team. The play and the production require each person to really dig deep and use their talents — which is actually a very, very rare opportunity. For example, Steven doesn’t write “actor-proof” plays. His plays, like The Twelfth Labor, require actors of real caliber to really bring it and work hard and do the work we were trained to do and hoped we would always get to do. This play allows everyone involved to be challenged and tap unrealized potential — there’s no better experience, as an artist.

So we need to raise money to help make this happen. People are working for free or for teeny tiny stipends on this show. It’s a labor of love for all involved. Nonetheless, we need money to pay them their peanuts, to pay for the rehearsal space, the set construction, the lighting, the costume rentals, the postcards, the marketing and PR campaign…It costs way more than anyone really realizes.

So please please please donate to our campaign! Any amount — any amount —  is helpful and means a lot to us. Thank you so, so much!

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