by Craig Bridger and Leegrid Stevens
Book I: Broken
Book II: Legions
Book III: Deathless

In a kingdom long bereft of magic, an inexplicable happening triggers a sudden and vilent upheaval. A young woman falls from the sky, unharmed, and single-handedly destroys an entire city.

Hunting the falling woman–soon named the Death Angel–are the King’s armies, unscrupulous bounty hunters, and a solitary man named Durnam, who suspects the so-called Death Angel is somehow his beloved Saela, long dead.

But Durnam finds freeing Saela from her torment much more complex than first imagined. And finds himself enmeshed in the politics and conflicts of the land. Along the way, he becomes the accidental leader of a rebellion agains the brutal King. Ultimately, his efforts to save his beloved uncover bitter truths about the the nation’s loss of magic–and his own origins.

Fall, Book One: Broken is currently on submission to publishers. Book Two: Legions, and Book Three: Deathless, are forthcoming. Craig and Leegrid are represented by Evan Gregory, at The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency.