Leda’s Swan

Leda’s Swan
by Leegrid Stevens

Res, a former quasi-polygamist, is dying from cancer in an abandoned wing of a run down hospital.  Reviled by all around him, he is left to die alone.  He refuses, however, to give his detractors the satisfaction and wills himself to exceed doctors’ estimates by several months.  With this backdrop, one of his former loves, Sylvia, his proclaimed favorite, visits him against her better judgement.


Running Tine: 1hr 20

You can purchase the script from Stage Tribes.  It has also been translated into German and published by Theater-Verlag Desch Publishers.


RES: You forget what she was like!  She did whatever the hell she wanted.  I didn’t make her do anything.  So I say good for her!  Go out on your own terms.  She’d had enough of this life and wanted out so go for it!  Cause she had more guts, that girl, than a grizzly bear.  You forget!  what she did to Bruce’s pitbull?  Remember?  She gave it a piece of meat and the fucker bit her hand.  Her whole hand was inside that mouth.  And that dog, I swear, was smirking.  You could see it in his face.  “I got you now bitch.  What you gonna do?”  So Beth, she’s a fucking gladiator, took her hand and shoved it further down that dog’s throat til’ it’s up to her elbow, then grabbed hold the base of it’s tongue with those nails of hers and started diggin’ in.  And goddamn that dog changed his tune real fast!  He tried to pull away, shaking his head but Beth kept digging in.  He was heaving and pawing at her arm, letting out this awful sound but she don’t let go.  She got that dog’s head wedged between her legs and tugs and tugs until she tore that tongue out of his mouth.  And I see her holding this tongue and blood’s halfway up her arm and that dog is coughing up gobs of his life and I’m looking at Beth like she’s a fucking God and she walks straight up to Bruce’s door and slaps the tongue onto the porch and says, “yer dog’s been poorly trained.”  That was my Beth! so if one day she decides she’s had enough of this life I’m inclined to think that she had a fucking good reason!  She could live through anything.  The only way she was gonna die was if she killed herself.  That’s the only way.  So, no, I don’t pity her or feel like it’s my fault or any of that shit.  You don’t pity people like that.  You stand in awe.  They make a decision and you stand in awe.