by Leegrid Stevens

A bizarre, chaotic, confused look at the mental state of a family after disaster.

Production History
HERE Arts Center, Living Room Festival, NYC
One Arm Red: RedPlays, Brooklyn
Spring Theatreworks, CSV Cultural Center, NYC
Blue Theatre, Austin, TX

Running Time: 1hr 45

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Monologues from Post-Oedipus can be found in collections by Playscripts and Smith & Kraus’ 2007 Best Male Monologues and 2007 Best Women’s Monologues


As father of these two, and Ismene, and former king of Thebes, I feel like I should say a few things.  Thank you.  Thank you.  A father’s love… A father’s love… A father’s love… We will remember these days always won’t we?  Why am I still alive?  I think I should have died a long time ago.  Jocasta?  Can you remember?  It was not always this way.  All my dreams are about to descend upon me, Antigone.  I finally realize now… dreams don’t come to you.  You wait and wait but the damn dreams won’t come!  You have to go to them.  You have to go to sleep.  That’s the only way.  So I’m going.  And I hope… I hope my first dream is the story of my return.  My return to glory.  The power of Thebes will return to my chest.  My hands and feet will regain their strength.  They will, Antigone.  And I will retake what was mine.  Everything.  It all will come back.  And the whole kingdom will remember me.  And then… once I have regained my power and reclaimed my throne, and I have returned to my full stature, and people praise my name once more… then Jocasta, yes, even Jocasta will come back to me and bend her knee and bow her head and beg that I forgive her long absence and ask that I look beyond her long silence, and she will Wet My Feet With Her Tears.  And I will look down on her with hard eyes and a closed fist and with my hard eyes and closed fist I will say, “I forgive you!”  I’ll always forgive you.