The Dudleys! A Family Game
by Leegrid Stevens

The Dudleys! tranlsates the collective imperfect memories of a troubled family into a malfunctioning 8-bit video game.  The play features a live band with original music composed on vintange video game equipment as well as life size 8-bit video footage.  The Dudleys pits the two dimensional side scroller world of games up against the aimlessness of 3D life.

Production History
Dream Up Festival, Theatre for the New City, NYC
Tutto Theatre & the Blue Theatre, Austin TX

Run Time: 110 Minutes

4 Females, 6 Males

You can purchase the script at Indie Theatre Now


The Dudleys! is the latest work of theatre from the formidably imaginative pen and brain of Leegrid Stevens (Sun, Stand Thou StillPost-Oedipus); it’s part of the Dream Up Festival at Theater for the New City and whether you’re interested in the human drama or the intersection of video gaming and theatre, I’d highly recommend that you sample this remarkable show. There are scenes in The Dudleys! that explore the possibilities of synching live action to recorded video and sound in exciting ways I’ve never before come across. And there’s a depth and profundity in Stevens’s examination of a family bound by family ties and little else that I found ineffably moving. – Martin Denton, NYTheatre

Tutto Theater has a habit of presenting works that defy clasification, and with their latest work The Dudleys, a project of New York’s Leegrid Stevens, who brings the project to Austin for its first full-stage debut, we find ourselves at a similar impasse. Though on the surface, it seems a farce, a family and their neighbors running around in a video game world (complete with 8-bit graphic projected on a screen behind), there are also frequent musical numbers, skewing its clasification even further. The play also covers some emotionally devastating landscape, even amidst all the zombies and Punch Out references. Without the right people in charge, this could be a disaster, but luckily talented director Gary Jaffe stepped up to the plate with gusto, juggling all of these disparate elements with ease and creating a wonderful mash up that shouldn’t work on paper, but which shines in execution. Writer Stevens also should receive credit, for he created a world that is at once hilariously zany and touchingly poignant, all without confusing the audience. – Ryan E. Johnson, Austin Theatre Examiner

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