The Twelfth Labor

The Twelfth Labor follows a single day, October 15th 1949, filtered through the warped and damaged mind of an Idaho farm girl as she awaits the return of her long absent father, lost somewhere in the war, half a world away.

2008 – Columbia University Workshop, Shapiro Theatre
2008 – Lark Theatre Playwright’s Week Reading
2009 – Des Moines Social Club, Workshop Production
2012 – Tutto Theatre Company


September 2014 – with Loading Dock at the Gene Frankel Theatre

Characters: 11, 6 Female, 5 Male
Run Time: 2hr 45

Brief Inteview with the Lark Theatre

“…I chose to structure the play around the Twelve Labors of Hercules for a couple of reasons.  First, most of the labors are nothing more than glorified farm work.  Hercules cleans the stables, kills a pig, herds some cattle, and scare off some birds.  What I liked about the Labors, however, was that by making them larger than life, you get a sense of never-ending labor.  Where Godot is never-ending waiting, Hercules is never ending labor.  His giant undertaking represents the countles menial chores that, despite their lesser stature, still amount to the never ending toil we all must endure.  The dream, of course, is to some day be finished, to complete the twelfth and final labor, and finally rest.  But even when some of the charactes think thy have at long last reached the end, entirely new labors emerge and take the place of the old ones.  The twelfth labor is a mirage, a constant vanashing point just over the horizon when you jorney towards but never actually arrive.”