The Dudleys! A Family Game
“Both as an innovative work of multimedia/multi-disciplinary theatre and an incisive and introspective exploration of the frail human condition, The Dudleys! has much to offer audiences. It’s one of the most exciting theatre experiences I’ve had this year. And it portends astonishing new directions for Stevens and his collaborators.”
Martin Denton, Nytheatre.com
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“…a masterpiece of science fiction. It avoids the fippery of space adventure while conveying the heroism of space travel. Finally, it imparts that classic sense of wonder, marveling at humanity’s potential and the courage that drives our endeavors. This is a work of compassion, humor, and keen insight.”
Aaron Grunfeld, NY Science Fiction Review
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“…Embodying this gallant heroine is Erin Treadway, in a performance of extraordinary range and depth and mettle: this is one of the most astonishingly controlled and nuanced pieces of acting I have seen in a very long time.”

“…these artists are to be congratulated for making a work that is among the very best I have seen in the theater this year. Spaceman is a marvel of theater craft and theater art, the kind of show that holds you on the edge of your seat with its good old-fashioned showmanship while enlarging your own view of the human condition with its profundity and insight.”
Martin Denton, NYtheatre.com
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